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Krav Maga

UTKM Krav Maga Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed, as our motto suggests, to "Turn Lambs into Lions." Through hard work and dedicated training, we aim to transform anyone from having no knowledge of self-defense to achieving the skill level of top professionals. For those with existing knowledge, we refine your skills using our unique approach.

We developed our curriculum by distilling a comprehensive set of techniques and practices, drawing insights from multiple organizations to create the most efficient and effective program possible. Our belief is that Krav Maga should be simple yet comprehensive enough to prepare you for the broadest range of self-defense situations. Over the years, we've added, modified, and removed techniques to ensure the smallest number of techniques necessary to achieve the best results for most people. Our curriculum is divided into three stages: Beginner (White belt), Novice (Yellow and Orange belts), and Advanced (Green belt and above).

Please note that this material is intended as a supplement to your regular training, either with UTKM or another organization. We do not offer ranks or testing online; assessments are only available to those who train with us in person on a regular basis. However, we encourage everyone to learn from this material, and we hope our curriculum enhances your skills no matter where you train.

Join us and turn your potential into power. Embrace the journey, and let us guide you in mastering the art of Krav Maga!

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Our Beginner curriculum is just that—the start of your Krav Maga journey. It focuses on how to think, move, and strike using the fundamental aspects of Krav Maga while incorporating some of the most basic yet essential self-defense techniques. The purpose of the Beginner curriculum is to provide you with the foundational combative skills you'll use throughout your entire Krav Maga journey. More importantly, it teaches you how to think strategically and react appropriately in real-world situations.

While techniques are important, they alone don't win fights. Survival is achieved through attitude, strategy, and aggression. At this level, you'll learn to avoid fights, but if you must fight, you'll act quickly to escape to safety. Regardless of your skills or level in our curriculum, the material at this stage must always be practiced and never forgotten.

Krav Maga Striking and Aggression.
UTKM Krav Maga Knife Self Defense

Our Novice curriculum is where your Krav Maga journey truly begins to take off! Building on the solid foundation of our Beginner curriculum, this program dives deeper into the exciting and dynamic world of Krav Maga and self-defense.

Imagine mastering the skills to handle situations when avoiding a fight isn’t an option, when creating space is impossible, or when running simply isn't feasible. You'll tackle more complex scenarios, including grabs, holds, and throws, and you'll be introduced to grappling and basic control techniques.

Experience a deeper exploration of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, and judo, all while honing your ability to handle advanced self-defense situations. The knowledge and skills you gain here will not only elevate your confidence but also prepare you for even more advanced techniques in the future.

The Novice curriculum is designed to be an exhilarating and empowering step forward in your Krav Maga training. Join us and transform your foundational skills into a robust arsenal of self-defense techniques that will serve you for life!

UTKM Krav Maga Stick Fighting

Our Advanced curriculum is where your Krav Maga training reaches a professional level, ideal for Security, Law Enforcement, or Military applications. By now, you’ve spent extensive time training, drilling, and perfecting your self-defense fundamentals. For our dedicated students who train consistently, reaching the advanced rank of Green Belt and accessing these classes typically takes 3-6 years. If you’re learning online, keep this timeline in mind.

The advanced curriculum goes beyond basic self-defense, tackling increasingly difficult situations that require strong fundamentals. It delves deeply into combative theory, firearm use for both self-defense and offensive situations, and techniques for detaining and arresting assailants—whether for “citizen arrests” or professional policing and security.

At this level, Krav Maga is no longer just about self-defense for the average person. It's for those who have trained hard to get here or those who need these skills for real-world job applications. The theory portions of the advanced curriculum are extensive and demand as much time commitment as the practical applications. This ever-evolving curriculum requires constant study to ensure a deep understanding of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of Krav Maga self-defense.

Our advanced curriculum is still under development and will be available on this website in the near future.

UTKM Krav Maga Gun Disarms.
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